Muskego & New Berlin roof financing plans

Muskego Financing Plans for Roofing

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We are a local, family-owned business. We are experts in roofing, siding, HVAC, plumbing, window installation, home remodeling and so much more. We are the neighbors you see walking the block, and we’re the friends you see in the carpool lane. It’s that kind of intimate market knowledge that makes us a leading contractor in Muskego & New Berlin, Wisconsin.

Our technicians are fully trained and certified to assure expert installation or repair of your home or building. Our attitude drives our results and you will be very comfortable asking questions as we address your most detailed roofing, HVAC, plumbing siding, and home remodeling concerns. We have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and look forward to serving your family or business well.

We offer financing plans for roof replacement, siding replacement and windows installation with 0% interest and no required monthly payments.

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Muskego Roof Financing Plans Offered by Vesel Services

We offer financing from Service Finance with 0% interest & no required payment installments. Choose one of the following plans and create your own payment schedule:

Financing Estimator

Enter estimated project cost:

Recommended Payments
-/ per month

0% interest &No required payment installments

Recommended Payments
-/ per month

0% interest &No required payment installments

Recommended Payments
-/ per month

0% interest &No required payment installments

Monthly Payments
-/ per month

0% interest

Muskego Roofing Budget Spend vs Average Monthly Payments

Find out what your average monthly payment would be for 6-month, 12-month, 18-month and 25-month financing based on your max roofing budget.

Max Budget Spend

Monthly Payments
(6 Months)

Monthly Payments
(12 Months)

Monthly Payments
(18 Months)

Monthly Payments
(25 Months)



$416.67 $277.78 $200.00



$625.00 $416.67 $300.00



$833.33 $555.56 $400.00



$1041.67 $694.44 $500.00



$1250.00 $833.33 $600.00



$1458.33 $972.22 $700.00



$1666.67 $1111.11 $800.00



$2083.33 $1388.89 $1000.00




$1666.67 $1200.00




Average Monthly Payments for a New Roof in Muskego & New Berlin

The average cost of new roof in Muskego, WI is between $6000-$12,000. Three main factors that contribute to the cost of a roof are raw material cost, labor costs and your roof shape.

The monthly payments below are based on the average home square footage in each Southeastern Wisconsin city – prices reflect asphalt single costs ($4.36 - $8.72 per sq/ft). Fill out our quote form to receive a real cost estimate on what your monthly payments will be.



Average Roof Cost

Monthly Payments
(6 Months)

Monthly Payments
(12 Months)

Monthly Payments
(18 Months)

Monthly Payments
(25 Months)


$8976 - $17,953

$1496 - $2992

$748 - $1496 $498 - $997 $359 - $718


$7032 - $14,065

$1172 - $2344

$586 - $1172 $390 - $781 $281 - $562


$9101 - $18,202

$1516 - $3033

$758 - $1516 $505 - $1011 $364 - $728


$10,508 - $21,016

$1751 - $3502

$875 - $1751 $583 - $1167 $420 - $840

Mt. Pleasant

$9384 - $18,768

$1564 - $3128

$782 - $1564 $521 - $1042 $375 - $750

Oak Creek

$8029 - $16,059

$1338 - $2676

$669 - $1338 $446 - $892 $321 - $642


$5999 - $11,999

$999 - $1999

$499 - $999 $333 - $666 $239 - $479


$10,508 - $21,016

$1751 - $3502

$875 - $1751 $583 - $1167 $420 - $840

South Milwaukee

$6392 - $12,784

$1065 - $2130

$532 - $1065 $355 - $710 $255 - $511


$8494 - $16,989

$1415 - $2831

$707 - $1415 $471 - $943 $339 - $679


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Why Finance a Roof Repair or New Installation

Financing allows roof repair or new installations without emptying your savings. Take advantage of a finance plan to avoid greater costs. Old or damaged roofs risk even larger issues like:

  1. Water Damage: Compromised roofing material won’t seal your home. Interior water damage causes chain-reaction problems and costly repairs.
  2. Health Risks: Leaky roofs are breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. Finance your roof to protect your health and prevent rot. 
  3. Roof Collapse: This event often occurs without warning. Finance repairs or a new installation when necessary to keep your family and home safe.

How to Pay for Roofing and HVAC Costs

Vesel Services accepts cash, check or credit card payments. Choose the payment option most convenient for you:

  • Pay by cash to avoid hidden fees and agree on the cost upfront. 
  • Write a check for another straightforward option. Checks take money directly from your assets.
  • Use a credit card if your carrier offers generous reward incentives. Be sure to ask about potential transaction fees. 

How to Finance Home Repairs with Bad Credit

  1. Insurance: Contact your homeowner's insurance carrier after extreme weather strikes. Insurance policies often cover some or all repairs if the damage is a result of severe weather or a hail storm.
  2. Personal loans: Visit a bank or credit union to see if you qualify for a lump sum loan. Be sure to inquire about interest rates and a monthly payment plan. 
  3. HELOC: Home equity loans and lines of credit use your available home equity as collateral. Similar to a credit card, as the balance is repaid, equity is restored. 
  4. Credit Cards: Financing through a credit card may provide extra rewards or cash-back bonuses. Check with your carrier and explore the incentives offered by other credit cards. 
  5. Government-Funded Help: Use a government-funded loan to finance home repair. Visit the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s website for more information and qualification requirements.

What should I finance first on my old house?

Tackle the roof or gutters first. Both protect your home from water damage. Other repairs are senseless if the roof or gutter system fails.

Should I replace my 15-year-old HVAC?

The Department of Energy recommends homeowners replace their HVAC every 10-15 years. Newer HVAC models provide higher energy efficiency and innovative technologies.

What are the most common plumbing issues?

We encounter clogged drains and toilets, leaky pipes and faucets, water heater issues, low water pressure and running toilets most.

What causes a main line clog?

Over time, debris builds up in the main sewer line. Toilet paper, soap scum and foreign objects are typically responsible.

Should I do my own plumbing?

Trying to save money through a quick fix is understandable. However, plumbing is best left to professionals. The slightest DIY error or short-term fix will prompt larger problems and costs.

What are the most common roofing problems?

We regularly service roof leaks, water damage or spots, hail damage and missing shingles.

Does my roof need replacement?

If you notice curled shingle edges, bald spots, cracked shingles or dark streaks, your roof needs to be evaluated.

Can new windows save money?

Yes! Newer models of windows offer higher energy efficiency and insulation. This puts less stress on your HVAC system during the summer and winter months.

What's it really going to cost?

Complete 3 questions and find out the price range for your new roof Get My Estimate