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Roof Pricing Factors

The main factor in determining the cost of a new roof or a roof replacement is the surface area.  Larger roofs require more material and more labor.  Use our pricing estimator above for a rough price range estimate for your roof. For a precise estimate, call or submit a form today to schedule a free estimate. All our roof replacement projects are completed between 2-4 weeks.

The second main factor in determining the cost of a new roof is the type of material used.  Asphalt shingles have maintained their popularity through the years due to their cheaper costs and lifespan.  When installed correctly they are able to last for 20-30 years, making them a great investment.  Metal roofs have higher material and installation costs, but on average can last 40 years.  Contact one of our roofing experts to see what best fits your and your budget.

The style of the roof also plays a factor in roof replacement costs.  Plain style open gable roofs are the simplest and cheapest to replace.  Intersections, hips, and dormers require additional time and labor which increases the price.

The steepness of the roof also factors into the cost of replacing a roof.  Roofs that are too steep to walk require extra safety precautions that add to the overall time and labor when replacing a roof.


Roof replacement jobs are able to be done during the Spring, Summer, Fall, and early Winter.  Summer is the busiest time of the year for roof replacements and may see slight price increases during the busier times of the year. We also schedule roofing projects in advance for the spring season. Contact us today to begin the estimate process.  


Average Roof Replacement Cost in Muskego & New Berlin

Small simple asphalt roofs under 1,000 square feet on average cost between $3,000 and $4,000. Roofs with multiple hips and valleys over 2,000 square on average cost around $22,000. Metal roofs are typically 2.5 - 3 times as expensive as asphalt shingles.

Wisconsin City

Average Roof Replacement Cost


$7,962 - $17,500


$8976 - $17,953


$7032 - $14,065


$9101 - $18,202


$10,508 - $21,016

Mt. Pleasant

$9384 - $18,768

Oak Creek

$8029 - $16,059


$5999 - $11,999


$10,508 - $21,016

South Milwaukee

$6392 - $12,784


$8494 - $16,989